RSPCA Cymru is urging members of the public to vote with their feet and give a circus that has come to town in Aberystwyth a miss this weekend.

The animal welfare charity has long pushed for a complete ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. The power to introduce a ban lies with the National Assembly for Wales.

The complex needs of wild animals can never be adequately met in a circus environment and regular transport, cramped and … Continue reading…

‘Angel’ hit by air rifle in Brentwood

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a second cat was fatally shot in Essex on 13 May.


Angel, a distinctive white cat with black spots, was shot just eight miles away from where tabby Wilma was killed in Ongar on 1 May.


The four-year-old cat was found after she made her way to her home in London Road, Brentwood.  It was at first thought she had been in a road … Continue reading…

Deliberate cruelty to pets on rise in West of England

Annual figures reveal more complaints of deliberate cruelty including a badly beaten dog, a dog burned and beaten and a rabbit microwaved

The RSPCA’s annual figures for 2014 show that cruelty complaints investigated by the charity in the west of England* have gone up once again.


More worrying still is that the numbers of complaints involving direct cruelty including beatings, improper killing, mutilation and poisonings have also increased.

 … Continue reading…

RSPCA helps sika swing out of harm’s way

Deer rescued after becoming entangled in child’s swing


The RSPCA rescued a sika deer entangled by a child’s swing which had become wrapped around his antlers in Wool, Dorset at the weekend.


The deer was first spotted earlier this month with the red plastic seat and blue nylon rope, cotton rope and fixing bolts all tangled around his antlers.  Members of the public in Wool saw the deer but at … Continue reading…

We along with other rural and welfare organisations are demanding action to tackle England’s ‘fly-grazing’ horses and their irresponsible owners.

Six major charities and country’s largest rural organisations have released the report on ‘fly-grazing’ – the practice of leaving horses on someone else’s land without permission.


Time to address unlawful fly-grazing

The report called ‘Stop the scourge – time to address unlawful fly-grazing in England’ reveals over 3,000 horses are being fly-grazed causing “misery for horses, … Continue reading…