An injured kitten who broke her leg after falling from a fourth floor balcony in London, became a star on the small screen in the new Channel 5 show Jo Brand’s Cats and Kittens.  

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The RSPCA Friern Barnet centre uses therapy pods and floating shelves to help cats rescued from neglect and cruelty

Cats who have had a difficult start in life are being cared for in therapeutic pods provided by RSPCA Friern Barnet where they can relax until they find their furever homes.

The Friern Barnet centre is located within a new Pets at Home store at the Friern Bridge retail park in North London.

The cats that are up for rehoming have been rescued by the RSPCA’s inspectorate and then rehabilitated at RSPCA Harmsworth Memorial Hospital in Finsbury Park or local RSPCA branches.

The cat pods were newly built at the end of last year and benefit from soothing light blue colours, floating shelves and quiet hiding places.

It is believed each individual colour in the spectrum has its own wavelength and vibration frequency, meaning different colours may modify your mood. Blue is primarily thought to aid health and relaxation in people.

Staff at the centre have said that the colour has already had a positive effect  on staff members, volunteers and the public. Staff and volunteers in particular, who spend the more time in the pods have commented on the relaxing vibes the colour brings to them.

The centre’s hope that’s feeling of relaxation among the human users will also rub off on the felines.

Research shows a covered hiding area can help cats overcome anxiety and stress, while the floating shelves allow the cats to exhibit their natural behaviours. Cats instinctively love to climb and be up high as this makes them feel safe and out of reach of anything they perceive a threat.

The shelves and hiding areas allow the cats to have their own space where they are left uninterrupted, offering a means of escape for a nervous cats in the centre.

Angel, five,  was brought to the Harmsworth Hospital earlier this year when a caller had seen a thin cat with severe hair loss in his garden for a number of days. When examined at the hospital it was obvious that Angel was malnourished and suffering from a flea allergy which had caused balding on the back of her legs, sides and stomach. Poor Angel was very nervous and in distress after dealing with her constant itchy body and fending for herself on the streets.

After spending some time in a cattery, Angel was nervous and still had areas of fur slowly growing back on her body, this unfortunately led to her being overlooked by potential adopters. Angel was moved to the Friern Barnet centre and after hiding for the first day she gradually came out of her shell and showed her quirky personality. Angel settled into her pod quickly and became a calm, affectionate and confident cat who loved to play with her toys and show off at the window.

Due to her new found confidence, Angel has now found a forever home with her new loving family where she will continue to gain some more weight and grow back a full coat.lucky floating shelves

Lorraine Cooke, Manager said: “We would love people to drop in and meet the centre team and have a look around. We are very proud of the work we carry out. In addition to the rehoming of rehabilitated cats, we provide details of other RSPCA animals for adoption, pet care advice, educational talks, microchipping, basic companion pet health checks and information on other key areas of the RSPCA work.”

If you’d like to find out more about the centre or are interested in adopting or fostering any cats please visit

Pictured enjoying the cat pod is nine-year-old  Lucky, who has sadly been without a forever home for the last year and a half, Since Lucky’s owner sadly passed away, she has unfortunately not had much luck in finding a forever home.

The RSPCA is looking for a long term foster home for her, preferably closely located to the centre or within north London.

If you have a place in your home and heart for Lucky and are interested in fostering her, please contact 0300 123 0594 or email

To find out more about about providing a suitable environment for your cat click here.


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