The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat was found shot more than EIGHT times in the Birling, West Malling Kent.

Poor KC was shot sometime during Tuesday night (26 September) and Wednesday (27 September) morning.  He was shot from a number of different directions and x-rays showed that the pellets had entered him in his head, torso and hip.

It was initially believed that there were even more pellets inside him, but a total of eight have been … Continue reading…

Smidge was four months old when she sadly died

Four month old kitten Smidge was found dead outside her home

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a four-month-old kitten was found dead outside her owners’ home.


The body of the white domestic cat Smidge was found on Saturday (September 23) at about 1.47pm outside her owners’ property in Goulds Drive, Westfield, in Hastings.


RSPCA Inspector Alison Edwards is investigating to try and find out what happened to Smidge.


She said: “Sadly Smidge’s injuries were quite … Continue reading…

The RSPCA Hertfordshire East Branch is in desperate need of volunteers to fill a number of roles which will help to support sick and injured animals in need in the county.

The branch is a separately registered charity from the national RSPCA and provides much needed animal welfare services to animals in East Hertfordshire. Services include rehoming, paying for veterinary treatment, fostering and providing welfare assistance and advice.

Much of the vital animal welfare work carried out is only possible … Continue reading…

The RSPCA Enfield Cattery is currently inundated with scores of cats of all ages including mums and kittens which need to be cared for by a fosterer.

Already this year the cattery has taken in some 200 cats and kittens.

The foster periods will be short and long term, but the cattery will need people to be available for a minimum of eight weeks.

The RSPCA is ideally looking for foster parents who have a spare room in their home, … Continue reading…

Kittens Wilbur and Orville were abandoned

RSPCA appeal for information after cats were found riddled with fleas and callously left with no food or water on a chilly morning in Kent

Two young cats were abandoned in a sealed cardboard box and dumped on a playing field in Sheerness on Wednesday morning (20 September)


The 16-week-old black kittens were found when a dog walker saw the cardboard box, which had been left in the middle of the football pitch on New Road, suddenly move.

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