Defra has taken immediate action to prevent the spread of infection after the recent bird flu outbreak, including introducing a ten kilometer restriction zone around the Yorkshire based farm.

According to reports, DEFRA have identified the flu strain as the H5 virus, but they don’t believe it’s the H5N1 strain which poses more of a risk to human health.

The measures taken at present appear to be proportionate to the current risk and according to agreed protocols…. Continue reading…


We’re appealing for information about a sealed box of three puppies left on a doorstep in Tonbridge, Kent.

Sadly, two of the ten-week-old Jack Russell crosses were already dead when they were found inside the taped-up cardboard box. The discovery was made in Portman Park on the afternoon of Monday, 3 November.

The third puppy, a tan and black male, was very cold and poorly but still alive. The box containing the puppies was very wet from … Continue reading…


We’ve formed a new and exciting festive partnership with Santa.co.uk. Every time you buy something from their website, they will make a donation to us. This means that with each and every purchase, you will also be helping abused and neglected  animals have a better Christmas in our care.

Santa.co.uk is a website dedicated to sending personalised greetings from Santa himself – anything from a text message or phone call to a letter or DVD.

For a unique and … Continue reading…


We’re advising horse owners not to graze their animals near sycamore trees over concerns with poisoning following the unseasonably warm and wet spring and summer.

The seeds found on sycamore trees are linked with atypical myopathy, which is a serious illness usually found in grazing horses in the autumn and spring.

Chief Inspector Cathy Hyde, who heads our specialist team of equine officers, said:

“It appears that vets have seen more cases of this debilitating and sadly often fatal

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On the 3 November, we were called to rescue a tiny five week old kitten who was found in an oil container on an industrial estate in Watford.

He was incredibly scrawny and covered in thick black oil. He was nothing but a pair of huge pitiful eyes, so he has since been named Gollum after the character from the Lord of the Rings.

Gollum was rushed straight to the vets, where after a careful wash it was quite … Continue reading…