RSPCA officers worked with Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service to rescue swan from Bottisham Lock, Waterbeach, Cambridge

A female swan with a hook caught in her beak and tongue was rescued from Bottisham Lock, Waterbeach on Wednesday (28 February).

The RSPCA, working with Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, managed to catch the swan who had been eluding capture for a number of days.

The RSPCA was called on Saturday 24 February to reports of a swan on the water with … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is trying to trace the owner of a tiny chihuahua who was found wandering alone along Haymeads Lane, Bishop’s Stortford on  the evening of  Monday 22 January.


Little Pixie, as she has since been named, was found wearing a grey and white striped jumper, but when it was removed it was revealed she suffering from severe hair loss and sore skin.

Pixie is only thought to be around three years old and may have been suffering from … Continue reading…

Staff at RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital are caring for a young cat who was shot in the back leg by someone using an airgun

Poor Tinkerbell was found earlier this month by a member of the public in the Neasden area of London and she was taken to the RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital.

Tinkerbell had a complex fracture in her back leg, which required a plate to pin the shattered femur. She is currently on cage rest in order for … Continue reading…

Little Pope was found in Bromley and then taken to a local vet

The RSPCA is appealing for information after a dog thought to be only 18 months old was abandoned in Pope Road, Bromley on 11 January.

Poor Pope was found by a member of the public who took him to a nearby vet, who in turn contacted the RSPCA.

Pope had a broken back leg, the cause of which is unknown, as there were no other physical signs … Continue reading…

Eight adult cats and six kittens were squashed in three boxes and left

The RSPCA is caring for 14 felines who were dumped near to the RSPCA Harmsworth Memorial Animal Hospital.

A member of the public discovered the numerous cats after they heard the sound of meowing coming from near  the bins which are on an estate near to the hospital in Sonderburg Road, Holloway, on 3 January at 7pm.

The felines had all been put in two tiny cat … Continue reading…