HUNDREDS of animals have been left abandoned in Wales so far this year.

Just one of the heartbreaking cases of animals ‘thrown away’ this year was when two puppies were dumped in a box in Flintshire at only three-weeks old.

The bodies of the puppies were found at Lloc. It was believed the three-week-old white and black Staffie cross pups died after being dumped in a box on an embankment near the McDonalds restaurant on St Asaph Road.

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THE RSPCA is looking for the owner of a dog after he was found trapped in a small snare.

A member of the public spotted the poor dog on Saturday (18 October) at a forestry area near the golf club at Maesycwmmer,
​​Hengoed. They cut the dog free, took him home and then called the RSPCA.

Inspector Emma Smith said: “The black and white dog is physically fine, but he is very nervous and docile.

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THIS moggie certainly has a head for heights.

For around four days the black and white cat had been stuck up a 40 foot tree in a wooded area at the back of Woodside, Duffryn in Newport.

Following a call to the RSPCA, animal collection officer (ACO) Gary Lucas, arrived at the scene to find the cat clinging on for dear life high up an ash tree.

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AN inquisitive seal has paid a visit to a North Wales power station.

The female adult had taken a wrong turn and ended up at Anglesey’s Wylfa Power Station site on Wednesday (15 October).

Seals sometimes get dragged along by the strong currents created by the power station and can slip through the bars at the end of the sea pipe and end up in the cooling chambers.

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RSPCA Cymru has welcomed the decision by Carmarthenshire County Council to ban the use of sky lanterns on their land.

The ruling also extends to banning the sale of sky lanterns on premises and property controlled by the local authority.

RSPCA Cymru has long highlighted the dangers associated with the use of sky lanterns, and continues to call on the Welsh Government to implement an outright ban on their use across Wales.

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