A CAT has been rescued by the fire service and RSPCA after he became stuck up a 100 foot tree in Newport.

The scared moggie named Rocco had become trapped in a tree at at Gwyddon Road, Abercarn in Newport.

In order to bring the one-year-old black cat down to earth safely the RSPCA were called to the scene along with the rope rescue team from Malplas Fire Station on Thursday (7 August).

RSPCA inspector Fiona Jackson said they did … Continue reading…

THE RSPCA is reminding people to dispose of their rubbish responsibly after a gull was unable to move due to a piece of foam.

The young bird was found by a member of the public on Thursday (7 August) near Stryt Las park in Johnstown, Wrexham.

The gull was unable to walk or fly as expanding foam had encased its leg and foot.

RSPCA inspector Kia Thomas said: “Luckily the gull was spotted by a member of the public who … Continue reading…

THE RSPCA is appealing for information after five kittens were found abandoned in a suitcase.

The three male and two female kittens were found at 1pm on Friday (1 August) by a member of the public on the footpath that runs at the back of Clive Street, Grangetown. One kitten had been stuck in the zipper of the suitcase.

The kittens, who are around nine weeks old, had fleas and dirt in their fur. One of the kittens had a … Continue reading…

THE RSPCA is appealing for information after a decapitated rabbit was found at Newport International Sport Village.

A member of the public made the shocking discovery on Tuesday (29 July) at around 12.10pm on the grounds of the sports centre at Velodrome Way. The rabbit was moved to a safe place as lots of children were in the area.

The domestic black and golden coloured rabbit was found with blue cord attached to its neck and did not have any … Continue reading…

Friday 1 August 2014

The RSPCA is trying to find the owner of a dehydrated and thin pedigree cat found in Caerphilly on Wednesday (30 July).

Unfortunately because the Siamese cat had not been microchipped we have not been able to track down her owner.

The cat, who has only two teeth, is aged between eight and 10 years. She was first spotted very dehydrated and hungry at Coed-Y-Llinos in Caerphilly on Wednesday (30 July).

RSPCA animal collection officer Sarah … Continue reading…