Deliberate cruelty to pets on rise in West of England

Annual figures reveal more complaints of deliberate cruelty including a badly beaten dog, a dog burned and beaten and a rabbit microwaved

The RSPCA’s annual figures for 2014 show that cruelty complaints investigated by the charity in the west of England* have gone up once again.


More worrying still is that the numbers of complaints involving direct cruelty including beatings, improper killing, mutilation and poisonings have also increased.

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RSPCA appeals for information

A Yorkshire terrier stolen from his home took his rescue into his own paws last week, when he flagged down an RSPCA van along a deserted road more than 100 miles from home.

One of the charity’s inspectors, Stephanie Law, was driving down Hawkswood Lane in Gerrards Cross when she saw the little dog run out from some woods in front of her, barking to her to stop.

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RSPCA welcomes passing of ‘Fly-grazing’ Bill into law

Charity receiving thousands of calls per year hopes legislation will help


The RSPCA, which receives more than 22,000 calls every year about horse welfare, is pleased that the Control of Horses Bill will become law before the General Election.


Along with other welfare charities and countryside and farming organisations the RSPCA welcomes the passing of the Bill by the House of Lords today (18 March).

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Topsy-turvy deer rescued from between two walls

Muntjac wedged upside down

The RSPCA and fire service rescued a muntjac deer on Monday (16 March) after it had become wedged between two walls in Headington, Oxford.


Concerned members of the public contacted the RSPCA after hearing squealing coming from the gap between an outhouse wall and a garden wall in Stephen Road.  They initially thought the animal that was stuck fast in the tiny gap was a fox, but on … Continue reading…

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Homes needed for two of the Winchester poodles

Fosterer and adopter sought for neglected dogs


The RSPCA is looking for new homes for two of the poodle cross dogs dumped in a horribly matted state in January in Winchester.


Some of the dogs could hardly walk because of the weight of their severely matted fur and it was impossible to tell what breed they were.


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