RSPCA appeal for information

The RSPCA is appealing for information after more than 20 exotic reptiles including caiman a type of crocodile and an anaconda were found in a garage in London.

The vast majority were dead and it is believed the animals had been abandoned and just left to die six months before.


The bodies were found in the enclosed storage space in Victoria Court, Brook Avenue in Edgware last Friday (11 December). They included two caiman a … Continue reading…

RSPCA appeals for information

A cat had a lucky escape after getting caught in a makeshift wire trap in Upminster, Essex.

The RSPCA is appealing for information after Honey, a four year-old tortoiseshell, arrived back at her home in Lichfield Terrace in a distressed state on Friday, 13 November. It was later discovered she had a copper wire encircled in a loop around her body, although this was so tight around her skin it was no immediately obvious to her … Continue reading…

A six-foot long Boa constrictor has been rescued by the RSPCA after it was found abandoned in a London park on Friday afternoon (November 6).

Inspectors were called to assist rangers at Danson Park in Bexleyheath who had found the snake in bushes and confined it in a litter bin until help arrived.

The boa has now been transferred to a RSPCA reptile centre for specialist care.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Pulfer said: “It was lucky this poor Boa constrictor was … Continue reading…

The RSPCA is searching for new homes for several young hamsters found abandoned at a property in Berkshire.

Twenty-two Syrian hamsters were rescued from a property in Thatcham, in September, alongside a guinea pig and rabbit.

The animals were found at a home by a member of the public who reported the matter to the RSPCA. Upon visiting the property, an inspector discovered that the animals had been abandoned by their owner.

The hamsters, rabbit and guinea pig were taken … Continue reading…

A blind dog who was tied to a pallet of bricks and left to die has got a reason to wag her tail again after finding a wonderful new home.

Delphine the springer spaniel captured the hearts of the nation after being dumped in a remote lane in Maidstone, Kent earlier this year.

Despite being safe and well-cared for Delphine did not like life in kennels and rarely wagged her tail. But the glum little dog’s life has been transformed … Continue reading…