A 12-strong team of RSPCA officers – including rope rescue specialists – have saved three sheep trapped precariously on a steep cliff edge at Dinas Island in West Wales.

The sheep had become trapped on the cliff above the sea with very limited grazing available and were in “serious jeopardy”.

Remarkable drone footage shows the extent of the sheep’s plight – and the size of the drop to the sea below.

RSPCA officers abseiled down to reach the sheep, and … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru and the South Wales Fire & Rescue Service have teamed up to come to the aid of a cat stuck on the roof of a three-story building in the Adamsdown area of Cardiff.

Inspector Gemma Black from the animal welfare charity enlisted the support of firefighters after the cat – known as Meuzza – was spotted atop the towering building on Cecil Street in the Welsh capital.

Firefighters used a hydraulic platform to reach the cat and showed … Continue reading…

A swan – rescued in dramatic circumstances from beneath a waterfall in Holywell – has been returned to the wild and reunited with his mate in a “heart-warming happy ending”.

RSPCA officers had teamed-up with rangers from the Greenfield Valley Park to help the stranded swan -  with video footage showing the danger the swan was in from the fast-flowing waterfall.

The swan was rescued from the bottom of the waterfall, and came into the RSPCA’s care on 1 … Continue reading…

A barn owl has been rescued from a disused building in Pontyates by RSPCA Cymru.

Officers from the animal welfare charity were alerted after members of the public spotted the owl in the front window of the property in the Gwendraeth Valley village.

RSPCA Cymru attended the scene – and made local enquiries to track down the owner of the building, and gain access to the trapped owl.

Amazing photographs show what animal rescuer Paula Milton saw at the property … Continue reading…

RSPCA Cymru is concerned that gene edited farm foods could soon find their way onto shelves in Wales – even if the Welsh Government doesn’t want to allow its production.

In England, the UK Government is consulting on allowing the gene editing of farm animals – something the RSPCA has serious animal welfare and ethical concerns about.

Under the proposals, the production of gene edited farm animals could soon be permitted in England, and sold to consumers – because they … Continue reading…