Roo rescue ii“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

It’s one of the most famous quotes from AA Milne’s beloved Winnie the Pooh stories. But a cat named after one of the book’s most famous characters was probably a little too brave after getting stuck 25-foot from the ground in a Bryncethin tree beside a fast-flowing river.

Roo, a daredevil tortoise-shell cat named after a joey from the Pooh series, terrified her owners after going missing on Thursday 4 February, before being found the following evening (5 February) stuck up the tall tree on Blackmill, in the Meadow View area of the village.

An officer from RSPCA Cymru attended and enlisted the support of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service to assist the cat.

Firefighters from the Ogmore Vale team rushed to the scene, and they deployed ladders to access the stranded moggy. Roo waited patiently until firefighters were within reach – then “took matters into her own paws”.

Roo jumped onto a nearby branch and – as officers rushed to get a tarpaulin to catch her – she leapt approximately 10-feet onto the bonnet of a parked car, and returned home. Fortunately, after a check over, the cat was found to be fine despite a small cut to her paw.

Gemma Black, RSPCA inspector, said: “We’re hugely grateful to the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service for their help in coming to the aid of poor Roo. It’s another reminder of what we can do together for animal welfare.

“Roo’s owners were of course so worried after this tortie had gone missing and was then found high up this tree, so near to a fast-flowing river and amid challenging weather conditions.

“We were pleased to attend with firefighters, who used their ladders to approach the cat. However, Roo had other ideas – and took matters into her own paws as, after waiting so patiently, she jumped to another branch.

“A tarpaulin was coming out to catch her – but Roo leapt 10-foot onto a nearby car bonnet and then raced home. Thankfully, she was absolutely fine after such an adventurous ordeal.

“It sounds like Roo is settling back in at home. As Winnie the Pooh said, ‘Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart!’, and Roo is definitely back where she belongs.”

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