RSPCA Cymru has urged the Welsh Government to ensure any post-Brexit agricultural support scheme incentivises higher welfare standards on Wales’ farms.

The call comes as the animal welfare charity responds to the Welsh Government’s latest consultation on the future of farm support after the conclusion of the Implementation Period; the eleventh month period following the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union where EU rules have largely continued to apply.

After 31 December, subsidy payments will no longer follow EU rules, … Continue reading…

A swan found with a large fishing hook lodged in his neck has been helped by the RSPCA.

The swan – who would have experienced considerable pain and discomfort from the hook – was spotted by a member of the public at Roath Park in Cardiff.

RSPCA inspector Gemma Black was assigned the call to track down the swan and successfully caught him safely on 30 October.

‚ÄúLuckily I managed to catch him whilst on land and took him to … Continue reading…