IMG-0354A swan had an unwanted trip to soft play – after getting a discarded foam play square stuck around her neck on Wednesday (July 1).

RSPCA Cymru raced to the aid of the swan, after her plight was spotted by a member of the public at a lake near Rhydwen Close in Rhyl.

Fortunately, the swan was uninjured and the foam could be safely removed and the bird immediately returned to the wild.

However, the swan was in “urgent need of help” – with the bird unable to feed underwater, and the foam square acting like a flotation device.

The animal welfare charity has used the incident to remind the public about the danger litter poses to animals – particularly wildlife.

RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh – who rescued the swan – said: “This poor swan was quite an unbelievable sight – with a foam play square stuck rigidly around her neck.

“This would have been causing the swan significant discomfort, and was making it impossible for the bird to get under the water. She was clearly in urgent need of help.

“Fortunately, a kind-hearted member of the public spotted the animal’s trouble and got in touch. Luckily, I was able to easily remove the foam square, check her over and return the swan straight back to the lake.

“Sadly, litter causes all problems for wildlife and our officers regularly deal with totally avoidable incidents like this.

“By taking objects like this foam square home, and disposing of or recycling unwanted items, we can all do our bit to help protect the environment and keep animals safe.”

More information on the impact litter can pose to animal welfare is available on the RSPCA website.

RSPCA officers remain on the frontline responding to emergencies during the Covid-19 pandemic. Should you wish to support their work, you can donate online.