Duck - Hendre lake fishing litter iA duck has sadly become one of wildlife’s latest victims of fishing litter, after wire became trapped tightly around the bird’s leg. 

RSPCA Cymru was alerted to the mallard hybrid duck’s plight after a member of the public spotted the distressed animal at Hendre Lake in Cardiff.

Officers from the animal welfare charity found the duck yesterday (29 June) – whose leg had sadly gone totally limp as a consequence of her injuries. Sadly, it was felt the kindest option was to  put the duck to sleep to avoid her further suffering.

The RSPCA says this incident was “totally avoidable” and “another reminder” as to the fatal dangers of not clearing up fishing litter and debris.

RSPCA inspector Christine McNeil said: “This poor duck would have been in a huge amount of pain, with fishing wire so tightly stuck around her leg.

“Unfortunately, there was no option but to put this poor duck to sleep and end her suffering. But this was a totally avoidable incident caused by fishing litter not being tidied away.

“We know most anglers are very responsible – but sadly this duck has become the latest victim as a consequence of those not doing the right thing. It’s yet another reminder of how dangerous discarded fishing litter and line can be.

“Hendre Lake is a popular fishing spot, and we’d urge any anglers there, or anywhere else, to follow the Angling Trust’s Take 5 campaign and make use of the recycling scheme to dispose of waste tackle and line.”

RSPCA officers remain on the frontline amid the Covid-19 pandemic, responding to emergency situations. Should you wish to help the charity, you can donate online.