St Mellons cat rescue iRSPCA Cymru and the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service teamed up to come to the aid of a cat stuck up a tree in the St Mellons area of Cardiff.

The cat – named Panthro, after the Thundercats star – spent 36 hours stuck in the tree in the garden of his Jonquil Close home.

RSPCA Cymru officers continue to respond to emergencies amid the coronavirus outbreak – coming to the aid of animals like Panthro.

The height at which the cat was trapped meant rescuers from the RSPCA had to utilise the support of firefighters from the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

An RSPCA officer tempted and coaxed the cat down as far as possible using food, before firefighters utilised ladders to safely retrieve the cat and reunite him with his delighted owner. The rescue took place on 19 April.

Fortunately, despite his stressful ordeal, a welfare assessment revealed that Panthro was fine and could return home straight away without the need for treatment.

RSPCA inspector Darren Oakley said: “Poor Panthro had got himself into a real tricky situation – and spent 36 hours horribly stuck in this St Mellons tree.

“We’re really grateful to firefighters who helped us come to the aid of this cat and secure a happy ending. I was able to tempt him down with food, before he was at a height where firefighters could comfortably retrieve him from their ladders.

“Panthro’s owners were of course absolutely delighted to have him home safely – and thankfully he was fine despite this rather frightening adventure.

“We remain on the frontline during the coronavirus outbreak, responding to emergencies. However, we cannot do this without the generous help of our supporters – so anyone wishing to help keep our rescuers on the road can donate to our coronavirus emergency appeal.

Many owners are concerned about caring for their pets amid the Coronavirus – or Covid-19 – outbreak. There’s lots of advice and help on the RSPCA website.