An RSPCA officer has rescued a sick guillemot whilst off-duty and walking his dogs in Hartlepool. 


Animal collection officer Shane Lynn was out with rescue dogs Bella and Belle yesterday lunchtime (Monday 20 April) when he spotted the stricken seabird floating on the water, struggling to keep his head up.Sick guillemot 1


Shane said: “I was at Seaton Carew Beach giving the dogs their daily exercise when I saw the bird.


“It was pretty clear he wasn’t alright, he was struggling to keep his head up.


“I waded in up to my knees and scooped him out and carried him home wrapped in my jacket then took him to the vets.


“Sadly, he was so poorly he didn’t make it. There were no visible injuries but he had very tatty feathers which were waterlogged which I assume lead to him becoming completely exhausted and his death.”


Guillemots spend most of their life at sea, coming to land only to nest, which they do on cliff faces.


The RSPCA is continuing an emergency-only service through the lockdown period.


To help the RSPCA keep rescuing animals like these in these unprecedented times, please donate whatever you can spare at