Cwmbran cat stuck up tree iiThe RSPCA has teamed-up with firefighters to rescue a cat stuck hopelessly up a tree in Cwmbran, as emergency responses for animals continue amid the Covid-19 outbreak. 

Officers from the animal welfare charity were alerted after the cat was spotted in a field just off Birch Grove in the South Wales town.

RSPCA Cymru enlisted the help of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service to come to the cat’s aid on 25 March.

Unfortunately, rescue efforts were temporarily thwarted by the remote location of the cat – with vehicle access not possible, so heavy equipment had to be carried to the tree.

Firefighters used a ladder and an RSPCA ‘reach and rescue pole’ to get to the cat – unhooking the cats legs which were precariously looped around a branch. The released cat then jumped into a neighbouring tree but – thankfully – was coaxed down slowly and safely using the pole.

During the rescue, a man was overheard in the woods calling for his missing cat Freddy. This meant the cat could be reunited with the owner, securing an “immediate happy ending”.

RSPCA inspector Emma Smith said: “This poor cat was hopelessly trapped about ten metres from the ground, with his legs hooked around a branch.

“Thankfully, firefighters were able to help reach this poor cat – who was stuck at a dangerous and precarious height. We’re really grateful to them for supporting us in this cat’s time of need.

“It was a tricky rescue in a remote location – and we understand the cat had been unable to escape for a number of hours.

“After unhooking the cat’s leg, he jumped into a neighbouring tree – but we were able to patiently guide him down to safety. By pure chance, during the rescue, we overheard an owner searching for the cat, so were able to secure an immediate happy ending.

“These are really tough times for us all – including at the RSPCA: but our officers remain on the frontline on an emergency-only basis to help animals like this trapped cat.

“Animal emergencies won’t stop for coronavirus – but with your urgent support, neither will we; so we’re asking people to donate to our work during these unprecedented times.”

A firefighter from Cwmbran’s Red Watch added: “This definitely was one of our trickier animal rescues, having to carry our 13.5m ladder through the forest to reach the cat, however it’s always such a rewarding feeling for our crews once the animal is brought to safety and reunited with their owner.”

Many owners are concerned about caring for their pets amid the Coronavirus – or Covid-19 – outbreak. There’s lots of advice and help on the RSPCA website.