Four kittens were born in RSPCA care just 24 hours after Boris Johnson announced that the country would be going into lockdown in a bid to halt the spread of Coronavirus.

As the RSPCA’s centres and branches closed their doors to the public (on Tuesday 24 March), staff at the Mid Norfolk and North Suffolk branch had their hands full as cat Puma gave birth to four healthy kittens.

Her foster carer and animal welfare manager, Chloe Shorten, was on hand to help the young mum during her three-hour labour.

Anna Fehr-Foote, from the branch, said: “Puma was rescued from a multi-cat household and has taken to motherhood very quickly. She was soon cleaning and feeding her babies, giving them all the care and attention they needed.”

The branch staff are now asking supporters to help them name the kittens – two girls and two boys – with shortlisted names suggested by Facebook followers.

Anna added: “The kittens are already so much bigger which isn’t surprising given how much time they spend eating and snoozing! Now, they really do need names.

“We asked our Facebook followers to suggest names and we’ve whittled them down to our favourite four groups – so we need to decide what suits them the best! Can you help us pick the purr-fect names?”

They’re asking people to choose their favourite on their Facebook page before announcing the winning names on Friday. Choose between: