Pony - Cowbridge Road, Pontyclun iiThe RSPCA is appealing for information following the rescue of an underweight pony from Pontyclun.

Reports to the RSPCA claim the horse had been tethered on land without permission at Sevenoaks Fishery on Cowbridge Road in the South Wales community.

The animal welfare charity was notified on Monday (2 March), but it is believed the equine had been at the Pontyclun property for some while longer.

Vets found the pony to be in urgent need of treatment for worms and lice. The equine is underweight, and is thought to be of late teenage years.

Anyone with information about where the pony has come from, or how it came to be in such a poor state, has been urged to contact the RSPCA’s inspectorate appeal line. The animal remains in RSPCA care.

RSPCA inspector Simon Evans said: “We were alerted by a local resident, who says this pony was tethered without their permission at land on Cowbridge Road in Pontyclun.

“The poor pony – thought to be aged in their late teens – is in a bad way; with low weight, bones visible and treatment for worms and lice desperately needed.

“Anybody with information related to this pony is urged to contact us immediately on 0300 123 8018. We’d be grateful for any detail which could explain what happened to this poor pony.”