The RSPCA’s Newport Animal Centre has launched a special appeal for blankets, towels and bedding, to help animals in their care.

Such items offer vital comfort for the host of dogs, cats and other small furry animals seeking a new forever home from the centre.

Tumble dryers at the site are currently awaiting repair – which has furthered the need for these essential items for animals based at the Hartridge Farm Road centre, which rehomes approximately 400 animals annually.

Staff at the centre are also on the look-out for unwanted dog toys, with the centre offering care for numerous prospective canine companions escaping situations of abandonment and neglect.

Kathryn Logan, deputy manager of Newport Animal Centre, said: “People who care about animal welfare often don’t realise that a donation of blankets, towels or bedding can make all the difference.

“Sadly, our tumble dryers are currently out of action and awaiting repair; meaning we are unable to dry animal bedding. As such, we’re even more in need of these vital everyday items for our animals.

“We’re also on the lookout for any dog toys – and would urge anyone interested in making a donation to drop these items off at our Hartridge Farm Road site.”

More information about the RSPCA’s Newport Animal Centre can be found online.