The RSPCA rescued more cats than any other animals last year – including 197 in Hertfordshire, as a result of calls to its national cruelty line. 

As the charity enters Cat Week as part of its month-long rehoming drive Adoptober, it reveals RSPCA inspectors rescued the equivalent of more than 60 cats per day – or 22,000 over the whole year.

This is more than any other animal nationally and is four times the number of dogs (5,930).

Cat welfare expert Alice Potter said: “Sadly we do know that cats are an extremely misunderstood pet and can often find themselves the victims of poor care.

“Our inspectorate is getting calls every day from worried members of the public reporting the cruelty of these animals – and the number of cats we are rescuing is equivalent to 60 per day which is far too high.

“Cats can become victims of air gun attacks as well as poisonings both accidental and deliberate, just like dogs they can also become victims of over breeding and over population.

“We know that the answer to a lot of the problems relating to cats in this country is raising the rates of neutering which in turn will lead to fewer unwanted animals coming into our centres and branches.

“We are calling for cat owners to neuter their cats at around 4 months old, rather than 6 months, which can greatly reduce the risk of them getting pregnant and owners being stuck with an unwanted litter.

“If you are thinking of taking on an animal we would always urge people to look into adopting a rescue pet, as our centres are full of loving cats of all shapes and sizes looking for forever homes.”

This month the RSPCA launched a campaign for ‘Adoptober’ and is dedicating the month of October to raising awareness of it’s vital work finding homes for animals most in need and this week (14-20 October) is dedicated to cats.

In 2018, the RSPCA managed to find new homes for 23,893 cats – more than 450 every single week. A total of 824 cats were rehomed in Hertfordshire..

To offer an RSPCA rescue cat a new home please visit to find your purr-fect match.

Cats like lovely Sammy, who keeps getting overlooked, as well as Demi, Poppy & Daisy, Duchess and Tigger.

One of the benefits of adopting a cat from the RSPCA means they are already neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. You could also take advantage of four weeks’ free RSPCA Pet insurance*. What’s more, if you decide to take out a full RSPCA Pet insurance policy once this has expired, you will also be supporting other rescue pets as 15% of the premium you pay goes towards helping animals in need.

If you’re not in a position to give a pet a home this October, you can still help thousands of animals in our care by donating at, sponsoring a dog kennel or cat pod for just £1.50 a week, or showing your support for rescue pets with one of our RSPCA T-shirts. Find out how to support the work of your local RSPCA here.

Cat case studies in Hertfordshire


Name: Sammy

Age: 5

Where:  RSPCA Hertfordshire East

A bit about: This little chap is full of fun!  He is a very friendly guy and has been an angel in our care.  He enjoys being stroked and likes to play with his cuddly hedgehog too. His second biggest love is food and he definitely knows what time dinner is! He is a cheeky chap who often dives head first into his food.

Why he’s special: He’s been looking for a home for far too long.  He was a stray and at first, he wasn’t very well but after treatment he has made a good recovery

Ideal home: Sammy is very independent and enjoys going outside, so would love a garden to explore. He does not like other cats and really doesn’t like dogs, so an ideal home would be where he can be the only pet.

More information: To find out more about Sammy visit his page here.


Name: Demi

Age: One

Where: RSPCA Middlesex North West & South Hertfordshire Branch

A bit about: Beautiful Demi is a lovely cat who was found abandoned. She is a very friendly, very affectionate little cat, but because she is deaf, she is looking for an extra special home.

Why she’s special: Despite being deaf, Demi loves going outside, and can become stressed if restricted, so she needs a home where she will have safe outdoor access in a quiet area with little traffic.

Ideal home: Demi is extremely playful but as a deaf cat she is best suited to adult owners or those with teenage kids who will be considerate towards her. She would also do best in a home where she is the only pet.

More information: To find out more about Demi visit her page here 

Name: Poppy & Daisy

Age: 10

Where: RSPCA Southridge, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

A bit about: These two cats absolutely adore each other and need to be rehomed as a pair. Daisy is the boss and will tend to make it known when she wants to sit in Poppy’s place! They like going outside, but have not had much experience with traffic, as their access has always been towards the back of a property. They love being in the garden and playing.

Why they are special: They originally came from Southridge some years ago but sadly due to personal circumstances they are again looking for a new home. They are a lovely pair of cats who may be a little worried initially, but just need to be given a fresh start.

Ideal home: They prefer a quiet environment and tend to hide away when things get noisy. They are ok around gentle children of secondary school age and over. They would prefer not to live with dogs.

More information: To find out more about Poppy & Daisy visit their page here.


Name: Duchess

Age: 11

Where: RSPCA Southridge, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

A bit about: She is a ‘golden oldie’ who is utterly beautiful inside and out.she is a sweet natured and friendly girl

Why she’s special: Duchess by name, Duchess by nature! She really has a regal look about her

Ideal home: Duchess can live with sensible children of ten years plus and will need access to a garden on a quiet road as she loves nothing more than exploring in the long grass in the garden.

More information: To find out more about Duchess visit her page here.

Name: Tigger

Age: 10

Where: RSPCA Southridge, Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

A bit about: Tigger is a sweet timid boy. Once Tigger has got to know you he is very friendly and affectionate however he will need time to build this trust.

Why he’s special: Tigger is timid and very easily scared, he needs gentle handling. This old boy  does have some medical issues that we will be happy to discuss in detail with you.

Ideal home: Tigger would suit a calm household, without a dog, where he can settle and adjust in his own time.

More information: To find out more about Tigger visit his page here