Gull - Newport, rope iiThe dangers discarded litter poses to wildlife has again come under the spotlight, following the sad death of a gull in the Newport area.

RSPCA Cymru was contacted after the bird was found by a member of the public at Stow Hill in Newport on 27 September, with a severe leg injury caused by rope.

An RSPCA officer attended to find the twine-like rope tightly gripped around the gull’s legs. Sadly, there was little option but to put the gull to sleep to prevent further suffering.

The RSPCA receives around 5,000 calls a year regarding litter – with wildlife often the primary victim. The animal welfare charity says this latest incident highlights the importance of people safely disposing of, or recycling materials to avoid harming animals, and to protect the environment.

RSPCA animal collection officer Stephanie Davidson said: “I arrived to find this poor gull in an awful state.

“A small piece of rope had been completely caught around his legs, causing serious damage. Sadly, there was no option but to put the gull to sleep due to the suffering caused.

“This sad incident is another reminder as to the impacts of litter to Wales’ wild animals.

“We continue to urge people to reuse, recycle or responsibly discard materials; and to read the RSPCA’s advice on how littering affects animals, and what people can do to stop it.”