School’s out – but not for one wild animal who has accidentally spent a period of ‘deer-tention’ at a Newport school.

Deer rescue Newport July19 pic2The buck roe deer had become trapped in the grounds of Bassaleg School for around five days with being initially spotted on Friday, 26 July.

RSPCA animal welfare officer (AWO) Sian Burton was called to the school to assess the situation, however, it was clear that the deer was not going to be moved easily.

She said: “This deer was understandably very frightened and would not let anyone get close to him. He didn’t appear to be injured and had water from a stream and 11 acres to wander in so he had lots of space.

“It was decided that the only way to remove the deer safety was to humanely dart him and remove him while being unconscious. There had been a concern that if the deer managed to get out or was ushered he could cause an accident on the nearby road.”

On Monday (29 July) AWO Burton re-visited along with RSPCA inspector Rohan Barker, a firearms specialist.

Sian added: “The buck was darted from a distance and we moved the deer to a safe location nearby. As the buck had been extremely stressed, we moved away for the buck to be left alone when he woke up. The buck later then got to his feet and started to move around.

“This was a difficult rescue, however, luckily this deer is now safely back in the wild and hopefully won’t be making any more trips to school in the near future!

“We like to thank the school staff who helped us out considerably and were extremely kind in providing us water.”

A licence from Natural Resources Wales was obtained in order to move the deer.

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