An RSPCA rehoming centre in Birmingham has launched a special appeal to find a loving new home for a fun-loving shar-pei.

Lover arrived at the RSPCA’s Newbrook Animal Centre in January this year after her owner sadly passed away and there was no one else to look after her.

When she arrived she was in need of medical attention after she was found to be suffering from a painful eye condition called entropia, which is when the eyelashes turn inwards and scratch the eye, causing discomfort. Additionally she had poor skin, and needed baths and medication to help sort it out.

Kelly Legg, kennel supervisor at Newbrook, said: “Lover is such a sweetheart! Even though she was in pain she was happy to say hello to new people, although she can on occasion be a little shy, especially with some men, she is quickly won over!

“She has now had successful eye surgery and can see the world clearer and pain-free. We were told by the nurses that she was a model patient during her stay at our animal hospital, they all loved looking after her.”

Kelly said that Lover is a “wonderful companion” who loves going out on walks.

“She does a little excited dance when you are putting her harness on,” said Kelly. “She has her boisterous and playful side when she is in a cheeky mood and she thoroughly enjoys fuss and attention.

“Whilst being with us she had a flare-up of a condition called ‘shar-pei fever’, which we managed to get under control using antibiotics, however for this reason we are looking for her to be adopted by someone who is familiar with the breed and the condition so you know what symptoms to look out for.

“She has also shown to have an issue with her kidney, currently this has needed no treatment but as she ages she will need regular vet checks to monitor.

“We realise we are asking for someone who can take extra special care of this girl but in our eyes she herself is extra special so she deserves it. Anyone wishing to meet her and consider adoption are welcome to have a discussion with one of our vets to answer any further questions you may have.”

Lover is able to be rehomed with children of young secondary school-aged and above. She may be able to be rehomed another dog, but this would be dependent on whether they get along during scheduled meets at the centre.

Anyone who is interested in adopting Lover should contact Newbrook on 0300 123 8585.

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