IMG_0104Remarkable photographs show the moment a gull was rescued from a Heath property in Cardiff, with his wing impaled on a television aerial.

Officers from RSPCA Cymru were alerted after the gull was spotted – approximately 25-feet from the ground – trapped on the aerial of a Rhydhelig Avenue property in the Welsh capital on Saturday 6 July.

The RSPCA enlisted the help of firefighters from the South Wales Fire & Rescue Service, who attended from the nearby Whitchurch Fire Station to provide support.

Firefighters managed to reach the bird using ladders, and were able to free him from the aerial before RSPCA Cymru rushed the animal to local vets.

An RSPCA inspector “feared the worst” for the gull after the ordeal – but was delighted to find no major injuries; with the gull now based at a specialist wildlife centre – Athena Animal Rescue in Herefordshire – for ongoing rehabilitation and care.

The gull remains thin, but is feeding well, and it is anticipated will be safely returned to the wild in approximately ten days.

RSPCA inspector Sophie Daniels said: “This was a bit of a miraculous rescue for this gull. I feared the worst when I saw the poor thing impaled on a television aerial.

“Fortunately, firefighters were able to help us out and come to the gull’s aid – and remarkably, despite the painful ordeal, he seems to have few welfare concerns. We are always so grateful for their help in these situations as they have the specialist equipment to reach animals in a fix in high places.

“After being checked over by vets, we transferred the gull to a wildlife specialist. Rehabilitation and care is expected for approximately ten days, and then this gull can be returned to where he belongs – the wild.”

Should you wish to help the RSPCA complete rescues such as these, you can donate online.