Stripe iiiRSPCA Cymru has praised the “power of microchipping” after a 17-year-old cat was reunited with their owner, after being missing for two weeks.

The one-eyed cat had somehow moved an amazing six miles – having ventured from her Sully home to Barry.

RSPCA Cymru was contacted after the cat was found staggering in the Ewbank Close area of the Vale of Glamorgan town.

Fortunately, the cat was microchipped and the RSPCA was able to trace the owners, and return the veteran moggy back to her delighted owners.

The cat had been microchipped back in 2002 by a previous owner, before being adopted by Suzanne Lazim, who – fortunately – still lives at the same address.

She said: “We weren’t actually aware Stripe was microchipped. We took her on when we moved into the property, so fortunately she was already registered to this address.

“This story has shown us how important it is to not just get a cat microchipped – but to keep the details up-to-date. We’ll be updating Stripe’s details straight away, in case she ever wanders off like this again.

“We’re just so, so happy to have her home. We lost our dog just eight weeks ago, so have been really down – and this meant so very much.

“The whole community is delighted. Stripe is such a popular character and everyone is delighted with the news.”

Despite her ordeal, and initially appearing rather exhausted, Stripe had no serious welfare problems and is settling back into life at her Porlock Drive home in Sully, where she is hugely popular with local residents.

RSPCA officers say reuniting her with her owner was only possible because Stripe was microchipped, and have said this “happy story” acts as “another reminder” as to the importance of permanently identifying pets in this way.

RSPCA animal collection officer Fiona Thomas said: “We absolutely love a happy ending. This is such a feel-good story, and we’re delighted Stripe is safely back home. It seems everyone on the road loves this cat to pieces.

“This happy story was only possible because of the power of microchipping. Stripe had been chipped to the address by previous owners and occupiers some 17 years ago, but it meant we could still get her home.

“It’s great Stripe’s owners are going to update the details, and the RSPCA urges all cat owners to positively identify their pets in this way.”

Should you wish to help the RSPCA completes rescues like this, you can donate online.