Sheep rescue, 13 June, River Clwyd iRSPCA Cymru and Natural Resources Wales have joined forces to urge livestock owners in flood-risk areas to sign up for flood alerts, after the RSPCA rescued 12 stranded sheep from River Clwyd flooding in mid-June.

The animal welfare charity was alerted after members of the public spotted the stranded  sheep in a meadow, with water current either side of the animals.

Video footage captured the precarious situation which the sheep found themselves in.

Fortunately, a successful rescue was completed by RSPCA inspectors Phil Lewis, Mike Pugh and Mark Roberts, and animal collection officer Will Galvin on 13 June.

All sheep were safely collected or guided to safe, grazing land. Some were carried through the water by officers, while others swam while being safely directed by the RSPCA.

Support also came from a member of the public, who runs a water sports company in Bala, and attempted to transport some of the smaller lambs in a raft.

The animal welfare charity say the incident is “another reminder” as to the importance of those with livestock in risk areas to sign up to receive flood warnings – with services available through Floodline via phone, email or text message.

RSPCA inspector Phil Lewis said: “This was a challenging incident – but thankfully all sheep were returned safe but wet to the owner after a two and a half hour rescue mission.

“The very fast current created a dangerous situation for the sheep, who had become totally stranded in a meadow adjacent to the flood waters and were in a very precarious situation.

“Unsurprisingly, the poor sheep were exhausted but thankfully all fine after a pretty difficult ordeal. We do love a happy ending like this one.

“This is another reminder as to the importance of livestock owners in flood-risk areas being prepared.

“RSPCA Cymru urges all livestock owners living on or near rivers to register for Floodline, and be prepared when receiving advanced notice of anticipated river and coastal flooding.”

Eirian Gilford, Warning and Informing Team Leader from Natural Resources Wales, said: “Flooding can have a serious impact on agricultural businesses, leading to financial loss and loss of livestock. We cannot always prevent flooding, but you can be prepared and plan ahead.

“Our flood warning system is an invaluable tool we would urge everyone who is at risk of flooding to check to see if flood warnings are available in their area.”

You can sign up online for free flood alerts on the Natural Resources Wales website.