Peacock on Bangor roof iRSPCA Cymru is searching for the owner of a stray peacock in Bangor. 

The animal welfare charity was contacted today (30 May) after the peacock was spotted outside a Coed Y Castell property in the North Wales city.

No rings are visible on the bird, and members of the public report it has been losing some tail feathers.

The bird is flying to rooftops in the local area – and RSPCA Cymru is now on the search to locate the owner of the peacock and return him home.

RSPCA animal collection officer Will Galvin said: “Somebody in the Bangor area must know who owns this peacock – or hopefully the owner will see this appeal and get in touch.

“Members of the public spotted the peacock on Coed Y Castell, who has now taken to rooftops in the area.

“Anyone who may be able to help us reunite the peacock with their owner is urged to contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

Peacocks are native to India and are usually kept as free-roaming ornamental birds on large estates in Wales, and elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

They are not considered to have an ‘established’ wild breeding population in Britain – so if they’re seen out and about in other areas they will have likely escaped from a private collection.

If you wish to help the RSPCA complete rescues such as these, you can donate online.