Pigeon rescue iA pigeon had a remarkable escape after getting her wing impaled on bird spikes on the side of a Newport building.

RSPCA Cymru was notified after the lethargic, trapped pigeon was spotted with her wing impaled on a building’s bird deterrent, based on High Street in the city.

The bird was left dangling some 15-feet in the air, approximately one storey from the ground.

Officers from the charity attended, and called local firefighters from the South Wales Fire & Rescue Service for support. They were able to access the stricken pigeon using  ladders, and were able to bring her to safety.

A pub located beneath the pigeon – Tiny Rebel Brewery – also helped with the rescue operation  and have been thanked by RSPCA Cymru. The rescue was completed on 9 May.

Thankfully, the bird was found to have no fractures during the incident on 9 May and remains in the RSPCA’s care for rehabilitation before a return to the wild.

RSPCA animal collection officer Fiona Thomas said: “Bird spikes had totally pinned this poor pigeon’s wing to the side of the building, on Newport’s High Street.

“It is remarkable the poor thing survived – and thankfully she is now in our care, after being checked over by vets.

“We’re very grateful to the member of the public who reported this and the firefighters for their help with the rescue.

“Additionally, Tiny Rebel Brewery were very accommodating in accessing the bird; moving an awning to ensure we could reach her and bring her to safety. We’re really grateful for their help.

“Bird spikes are considered an effective means of deterring birds from buildings – and are considered one of the more humane methods to do this, as their use should prevent perching or roosting without harming the birds.