Rescued kitten iiA tiny, four-week-old kitten was saved from a state of desperation after becoming trapped amid very large rock boulders on the breakwater on Towyn beach.

RSPCA Cymru was alerted after the members of the public heard meows at the boulders adjacent to a cycle path – though the cat could not be seen.

Officers from the charity made three separate visits to the site to secure necessary access to the kitten.

RSPCA officers first nicknamed the kitten ‘Rocky’; and later ‘Pebbles’ after the heroic rescue.

Initial searches of various crags and crevices yielded no sightings, before RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh was able to spot the kitten on Monday morning (13 May). The clearly terrified kitten crawled away out of site.

Additional equipment was required – and in moving further boulders – RSPCA inspector Mark Roberts was ultimately able to rescue the kitten utilising a cat grasper.

There was no sign of the kitten’s mother and the RSPCA do not know how such a young kitten came to be trapped in this way. However, the animal is now recovering well from the ordeal in the care of one of the charity’s fosterers.

RSPCA inspector Mark Roberts said: “This was an incredible rescue, and I pay tribute too to inspectors Mike Pugh and Phil Lewis who helped reach the kitten.

“The poor thing was hopelessly trapped amid boulders on the Towyn beach breakwater. If it wasn’t for members of the public hearing the tiny cat meow, it is likely nobody would ever have known he was there.

“Fortunately, after three attempts, we were able to secure access to the kitten and bring him to safety. We’re absolutely delighted we could save this kitten – who is now recovering very well after such a remarkable ordeal.

“We rescue countless animals every year – but this was a particular special incident. We initially nicknamed him Rocky, but Pebbles certainly seems a very fitting new name for this feline!”

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