Horsefield tortoiseA run-away tortoise spent at least FOUR DAYS roaming Wrexham woodland.

RSPCA Cymru was alerted after a member of the public found the female Horsefield tortoise in woods adjacent to their Linden Grove property in Llay on 20 March.

However, local residents had spotted the animal four days previously – before the tortoise was later safely collected by a member of the public, and the RSPCA was notified.

RSPCA Cymru is now appealing for information which could help locate the tortoise’s owner, or explain how she ended up in the Llay woodlands. There was no microchip found for identification.

A reminder has also been issued about the importance of ensuring animals are microchipped and their enclosure is always secure and appropriate for the species – should this tortoise have escaped, rather than been deliberately abandoned.

The tortoise initially spent time with a local resident who was experienced in caring for them as pets – and they confined and cared for the animal, before she was collected by the RSPCA and taken into the charity’s care.

She has now been transferred to specialist RSPCA facilities in Nantwich for further rehabilitation – where she is undergoing a course of treatment, and has inflamed eyes. She, more positively, is eating well.

Anyone with information related to the tortoise is being urged to contact the RSPCA’s inspectorate appeal line.

RSPCA animal collection officer Ann Lloyd Williams said: “It isn’t clear whether this tortoise escaped, or was dumped in the woodland.

“It has now emerged she was spotted by members of the public over four days before being collected – so we know she had been away from home for a while.

“We’re very grateful to the experienced member of the public who took in the tortoise, before we arrived and transferred her for vital rehabilitation.

“Rehabilitation for the tortoise is ongoing. She’s eating well, but is quite poorly and has inflamed eyes.

“The RSPCA is keen to decipher what happened to this tortoise – and whether an owner is looking for her. Posters have been put up locally, and our inspectorate appeal line can be reached on 0300 123 8018.

“An incident like this can also act as a reminder as to the importance of secure, appropriate accommodation for animals like tortoises being kept as pets. We also recommend that owners have their tortoises microchipped by an exotics vet, so that they can be reunited if they are lost and are found.”