A Cardiff man has been handed a suspended sentence and banned from keeping animals for five years, after he caused unnecessary suffering to his dog by failing to treat her tumour, in what has been described as an “upsetting” case by the RSPCA inspector.

Roxy - Cardiff case March19 pic1Martin Lee Morley (d.o.b 31/12/80) of Llandow Road, Cardiff, pleaded guilty to one animal welfare offence at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Tuesday 26 March) in that he caused unnecessary suffering to Roxy, an American Bulldog, by failing to ensure she received appropriate veterinary treatment for a tumour wound.

Roxy, aged eight, was found collapsed in her kennel in a back garden with an large tumour on her back leg that had burst and was infected. RSPCA inspector Gemma Black said Roxy was in so much pain she was screaming out when they touched her to move her from her kennel to take her to the vets.

“This was one of the worst tumours I had ever seen,” said inspector Black. “The smell was horrendous and it was extremely infected as it had burst and was weeping. It was around 16cms wide and long and was larger than my hand.

“Poor Roxy was screaming out in pain when we were even touching other parts of her body to try and move her. It was probably one of the most upsetting cases I have dealt with.

“It is very sad that her owner didn’t take her to a vets for treatment as soon as she had any symptoms as she may have been able to get the appropriate treatment to remove the tumour and recover.

“We always urge pet owners to seek veterinary advice and assistance as soon as they see their pet unwell in any way. Poor Roxy really did suffer with this awful tumour.”

At the vets, sadly to prevent further suffering she was put to sleep.

Morley was sentenced by magistrates to 12 weeks custody which was suspended for 12 months, a 20 day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement, £400 costs, a £115 victim surcharge and was banned from keeping any animal for five years.