Martin Clunes, Chandeep Uppal and chicken iAn RSPCA inspector pays a visit to celebrity Martin Clunes – in the latest episode of the new sitcom Warren. 

The comedy follows the life of driving instructor Warren Thompson, played by Clunes, following his move to Preston.

However, much of the comedy was filmed in Cardiff – including scenes where an RSPCA inspector pays a visit to Warren to check on his pet chickens.

The episode – the fourth in the series – will air at 9pm tonight (March 18) on BBC One.

 Chandeep Uppal plays the RSPCA inspector – a British actress best known for playing the starring role as Meena Kumar in the film Anita and Me.

 She said: “It was a fantastic experience to act as an RSPCA inspector; wearing the official uniform that has been synonymous with keeping animals safe for many decades.

“Of course, all of Martin Clunes’ chickens were fine and their welfare needs were met! But I’d urge everyone to tune in to enjoy this particularly funny scene!

“It was also great to know the RSPCA was supporting the production – helping ensure the chickens were kept safe and well during filming.”

RSPCA Cymru worked extensively with Hat-Trick productions, who made the programme – with an RSPCA uniform and van provided for filming.

Additionally, a representative from the charity’s Performing Animals team was involved in the planning stages and attended filming to ensure the welfare of the chickens was prioritised at all times.

The animal welfare charity provides advice and support to people who plan to use, or are thinking of using, animals in any production environment. This always includes looking for alternatives to using live animals.

The RSPCA makes available for free RSPCA Guidelines for the Welfare of Performing Animals, to assist broadcasters and producers to ensure animal welfare standards – and also offers advice tailored to specific productions, including script review, animal welfare risk assessments and ongoing advice including on-set attendance.

Dr Ros Clubb, the RSPCA’s lead scientist concerning performing animals, said: “It was fantastic for the RSPCA to be able to work on the production of Warren, and RSPCA inspector Boris Lasserre – one of our performing animal advisers – was on hand to help during production planning and to attend on set during filming.

“Inspector Lasserre was impressed with the crew’s commitment to the chickens’ welfare during his time on the set. Their understanding and commitment was first class.

“Animals are regularly used in the production environment – in film, TV, theatre and many other types of productions – but their welfare can often be overlooked. We are proud to have a team leading on this work, supporting producers and helping to keep animals safe.

“It’ll be fantastic to see Chandeep Uppal playing one of our inspectors on the TV screen; and RSPCA Cymru was able to provide a uniform, van and – crucially – to involve the Society’s performing animals team to ensure this story line was delivered in a welfare-friendly way.”