The RSPCA is reminding people to help hedgehogs by making sure pipe drains are covered, after a hog got trapped in one in Colwyn Bay.

Hedgehog rescue Colwyn Bay March19 pic2The hedgehog was found two-foot down a storm drain by a Dundonald Road homeowner, with the RSPCA being called this morning (5 March).

RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Will Galvin said: “I couldn’t get the hedgehog out at first as I needed an extra pair of hands, so animal collection officer Ann Lloyd Williams came to help and together we managed to free the hedgehog.

“It was a large healthy male, so we were able to release the hedgehog back into the garden. The drain is now covered so he can’t fall down there again.”

As it is the time of year when hedgehogs will start to come out of hibernation, RSPCA Cymru is reminding people to make sure any drains have the covers on or are blocked to stop wild animals like hedgehogs becoming trapped.

ACO Galvin said: “Animals like hedgehogs can easily fall into uncovered drains or holes in your garden; so we recommend covering the holes or checking them every day to ensure no animals have become trapped.”

Call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 if you find a sick or injured hedgehog, or take it into a wildlife centre, rehabilitator or vet if you are able. Wearing suitable thick gloves, you can put them into a large, well ventilated box lined with towels or newspapers. Remember, the animal will need peace and quiet and you will need to keep human contact to a minimum.

For advice on living with hedgehogs and guidance on making your garden safer for hedgehogs, please visit our website.

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