The RSPCA is appealing for information after a cat was set on by dogs and died in Hull.


Four dogs were seen being encouraged to attack the black cat by two men and a teenage boy.Cat attacked by dogs in Hull


The incident happened in the garden of a derelict house on Flinton Grove and some wasteland behind the property between 10am – 2pm on Sunday 10 February.


RSPCA inspector Lucy Green said: “The witness described the dogs as being goaded by the men and teenager.


“Two of the dogs – large bull breed types – were pulling the cat in a tug of war which was filmed by one of the men while he and the other man held the dogs’ collars.


Wasteland where cat killed by dogs“The other dogs – a lurcher type and a terrier – also joined in at one point.


“The cat died at the scene.


“X-rays showed the poor boy suffered a broken sternum, broken ribs, compression of his chest and other crushing injuries.”


The cat wasn’t wearing a collar or microchipped so at the moment there is no way of tracing his owner.


The men are described as white. One had short dark hair and was wearing a navy jacket with zip up front. The teenager – thought to be about 15-years-old – was also white, skinny and wearing a green parka-type coat with the hood up.


They walked towards the incident location from the direction of Preston Road. When they left the incident location they walked through the back garden of the derelict house, 39 Flinton Grove, and out the front onto Flinton Grove between number 39 and 41. They walked down towards St John’s Grove and back up Foston Grove towards Preston Road.X-ray of cat killed by dogs


The bull breed type dogs are described as white with brown or black patches all over, both large and very muscular with big heads and wearing dark-coloured thick collars. One of them was an entire (unneutered) male.


The lurcher-type is described as young, sandy-coloured with wirey hair. The dog may have a white chest.


The terrier-type is described as small or medium sized, and grey-coloured with wirey hair and prominent eyebrows and beard.


Inspector Green said: “This cat would have suffered a great deal for the entertainment of those involved.


“He was entirely defenceless against the four dogs they set on him, and filmed doing so.


“If anyone has any specific information about these people please call our inspector appeal line on 0300 1238018 and ask to leave a message for me.”


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