RSPCA Cymru is appealing for information after a dead dog was found buried in woodland in Newport.

RSPCA inspector Emma Smith was approached by a walker when she was visiting RSPCA Newport Animal Centre who alerted her to the sad discovery.

The walker then showed her where the dog had been found – on a woodland walk a few minutes away from the Hartridge Road animal centre down a trail which was adjacent to a golf club.

Inspector Smith said: “The body of the dog had been buried but the head and part of the blanket was sticking out the mud. Unfortunately I was unable to establish much about the dog, but it looks like a terrier type dog. There was also a dog lead tied to a branch. I scanned for a microchip and nothing came up.

“From what I saw, it seems like it was a burial site, but the circumstances around this all are very unclear. We don’t know whether this dog died in suspicious circumstances or of natural causes and the body was then taken to this location.

“It could be that it is the dog’s favourite walk and the owner wanted to bury the dog there, although the location is a little unusual.

“Anyone with any information which could help our investigation should contact the RSPCA appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

The council has been informed about the discovery.

If you have any animal welfare concerns or find an animal in distress please call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.