snapped twig iiRSPCA Cymru rushed to the aid of a cat stuck high up a tree in New Inn – only to find the animal was in fact … a snapped tree branch!

The animal welfare charity was contacted today (8 February) after a member of the public reported seeing a cat, approximately two-storeys from the ground up the tree, amid blustery, windy and potentially hazardous weather conditions. The sighting was made at woodland by Heol Madoc.

It was claimed that the cat was ginger – but when the RSPCA arrived, they found the incident was actually a case of mistaken identity!

The cat in question was actually a large snapped branch; with the exposed bark giving the appearance – from a distance – of a stranded ginger cat.

RSPCA animal collection officer Fiona Thomas said: “This was certainly a first for me.

“I arrived in New Inn ready to come to the aid of this stranded cat.

“However, after scoping out the woodland area, it became clear the cat was actually just a snapped branch!

“This was an amusing case of mistaken identity by the caller.

“Working as an RSPCA officer is fantastic, but challenging – and across Wales we rescue countless animals each day from many diverse situations; but this particular call did offer a little light relief!”

RSPCA Cymru helps thousands of animals every year – and, in 2017 alone, rescued 23 on average each and every day.

However, sometimes perceived emergency situations turn out to be something very different.

In November, RSPCA inspector Nigel Duguid responded to calls about a limp, lifeless dog atop the Elim Pentecostal Church in Port Talbot – only to arrive and find a stuffed soft toy on top of the building! Should you wish to help the RSPCA, you can donate online.