Cat - cavity wall iA Conwy cat had an eventful trip to the bathroom – after getting stuck in a cavity wall behind a bath.

The poor grey, eight-year-old moggy – named Arthur – got himself completely trapped, and his owner couldn’t set him free despite removing bricks from the wall.

Sadly, Arthur’s awkward position meant it was impossible to get water to him – and urgent help was required from the RSPCA.

The incident took place on Tuesday (29 January).

Animal collection officer (ACO) Will Galvin attended the Gyffin property, and was able to work with two local builders – who the caller had also enlisted the help of – to set Arthur free.

The adventurous cat was very dirty, had dust in his eyes, nose and mouth, and had an injured foot – so was transferred to a veterinary practice for treatment. However, he is now safely back at his Conwy home.

ACO Galvin said: “This certainly wasn’t your average trip to the bathroom. “Poor Arthur got himself into a real spot of bother – and couldn’t flush himself out! He was completely trapped in a cavity wall behind the bath, and needed urgent help. “Fortunately, I was able to work with two local builders to rescue the cat – whom, after a brief spell with a vet, is now back home.

“We’re just pleased we were able to help this poor cat in his hour of need.”

Jeff Gill, owner of Arthur, said: “ACO Galvin was amazing. He came to our property super quickly, and he and my builder friends worked very hard for more than 90 minutes to get Arthur out.

“Chunks had to come out of an interior wall, but thankfully they were able to get him out. “Arthur is doing really well now – and all holes in the bathroom have been securely blocked up!”

Should you wish to help the RSPCA complete rescues such as these, you can donate online.