AN RSPCA volunteer has put pen to paper to write two children’s books to raise much needed funds for the local branch.

Helen Lakey,  a long-term volunteer at the branch’s Felixstowe Charity Shop, has written two books and all the royalties will be donated to the RSPCA along with the gift aid.


Her two books are written for children and are available on Amazon.


The first book is called ‘PLOP! The Boy who saved The World’ and although it is a children’s story it  has a message for all of us. The young super-hero’s journey starts with him, as a toddler, throwing a pebble into the sea (Felixstowe’s beach was the obvious inspiration!) As he grows and learns more about the world, he ends up on a mission to save the planet. He harnesses the power of the internet to create a global wave of goodwill for his cause. It is a thought-provoking story of our times and is both funny and tear-jerking. It is published as an ebook on Amazon for £1.99.

‘The Trainees go West’ is also a children’s book featuring the Little Train that runs along the Felixstowe Prom. With Ray N. Bow at the controls it takes four children on a magical journey to Joshua Tree and The Heblux where the Celestial Light Orchestra plays. Also published as an ebook on Amazon, it costs just 99p.

A spokesperson for the branch said: “We are so very grateful to Helen for donating all the proceeds from these wonderful books to the RSPCA. They are truly delightful books and we hope many families will enjoy them.

“Each year we have the challenge of finding new ways to raise funds, so this offer is a wonderful donation for us and the money raised will be for all the animals we help in East Suffolk.

“We are urging people to please go online and buy them and the great thing is everybody wins and e-books are so ‘green’.

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