A large scale community beach clean on the west coast of Anglesey is on the horizon – and we need you to get involved and save the environment and animals.

Members of RSPCA Cymru’s inspectorate are teaming up with North Wales Wildlife Trust for the event named the ‘New Year Plast Off’ – that aims to remove and recycle as much plastic marine litter as possible the around Cable Bay, including the beaches north and south of the area.

Beach clean 2018 pic3The event on Saturday 19 January will start at 10am with volunteers gathering at Cable Bay car park before heading out to target different beaches. An RSPCA Cymru rope team will be deployed to collect larger bits of plastic and fishing litter from the steeper coves and gullies which are inaccessible to people with litter pickers.

North Wales Wildlife Trust staff will be will be coordinating activities from the car park – briefing the volunteers and equipping them with litter pickers and bags.

RSPCA inspector Andy Broadbent said: “We are very pleased to be once again assisting with the North Wales Wildlife Trust for this event which aims to remove as much plastic pollution that poses a threat to marine wildlife as possible around Cable Bay.

“Our rope rescue team will be volunteering to come and take part in the event and we hope it will be as much as a success as last year’s event which saw hundreds of people volunteer.”

Sadly RSPCA Cymru routinely deals with animals in distress that have been injured by litter. Everything from plastic bags, old fishing line and even toys can be a danger to animals.

Inspector Broadbent said: “We are regularly called out to deal with horrifying injuries and deaths of wildlife which have become entangled in, or have eaten, plastic litter. Seabirds often become entangled in fishing line then die from being unable to feed. Some birds use it as nesting material which they and their offspring then become entangled in.

“By removing this marine debris as well as encouraging others to dispose of their litter appropriately, we hope we can make a really positive impact on the welfare of wildlife around our shores.”

People & Wildlife Manager for the North Wales Wildlife Trust, Chris Baker said: “Thanks to widespread media coverage of the issue over the past year, people are now more aware than ever of the threat posed by plastic pollution in our oceans. Here in North Wales we are reminded of the scale of the problem every winter when storms throw up huge quantities of rubbish which lies strewn across our beautiful sandy beaches and rocky shores.

“We’re very excited to once again be teaming up with RSPCA Cymru to run this unique public beach clean event in January. Last year proved to be a phenomenal success, with more than 150 people braving the wintery weather to help remove over half a tonne of rubbish from three different beaches in the area.

“We’re hoping to make this year’s event even bigger, encouraging local people to do their bit to make our coastline a safer place for wildlife and serving as a reminder to Welsh Government of the scale of this crisis and the need to tackle plastic pollution at its source.”

People who are interested in this event will be able to just turn up on the day, and will be required to register when they arrive. Under 18s will need to be accompanied by an adult.

If you have concerns for an animal’s welfare please call the RSPCA’s emergency line on 0300 1234 999.