A missing dog has been rescued from a steep embankment in Halifax and happily reunited with her owners thanks to her microchip.

Purdy, a white German shepherd, was spotted stuck down the side of a stream by a member of the public yesterday morning (Tuesday 27 November), who called the RSPCA for help.Purdy down embankment

RSPCA inspector Sarah Bagley said: “It was pretty tricky to get her out of there and I tried all sorts.


“I attempted to encourage her up the embankment but it was just too steep and when I went to pick her up she wanted to run away.


“In the end me and the man who spotted her fashioned a sling out of some towels I had in my van – putting one behind her front legs and one behind her back legs – and carried her up between us.


“He was a fantastic help.”


Purdy was microchipped so it was possible to make contact with her owners, Mark and Liz Hall.


It turned out she’d been missing from home since 6am and they were frantic, especially having heard that she had been clipped by a car.


Mark said: “I took her and the other dogs out onto the field in the morning like I always do.


“There was a noise and she ran off. It was really foggy and I couldn’t see her, I was shouting her but couldn’t find her.


“I took the other two home and looked all over. We heard she’d been run over. It was the absolute worst thing ever.


“We went past the place she was found, we know the spot and she must have heard us calling for her.


“We couldn’t have been happier to see her yesterday. She is a nervous dog and it took a couple of hours for her to calm down but luckily she wasn’t injured.


“We’re extremely grateful to the RSPCA and the man who helped.”


Liz said: “It was the worst five hours of my life. It just shows the importance of microchipping. The RSPCA had Purdy home literally within minutes of her being scanned.”


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