The secret society of Dog Knits Yarn Bombers have been busy knitting since January to create the festive toppers to raise money for RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre

Residents in Hertfordshire woke up to an array of beautiful hand-crafted Christmas scenes this morning (Monday 26 November), which mysteriously appeared on top of 60 post boxes in the county.

The amazing creations, which can be found in the Barnet, Brookmans Park and Potters Bar areas, were made by a secret society called the Dog Knits Yarn Bombers, who have been busy making the toppers since the start of the year.

The 12-strong team of yarn bombers have made the toppers to raise money for the RSPCA Friends of Southridge pensioners scheme – which provides funding for sick animals and elderly animals at the centre who require ongoing veterinary treatment through to their twilight years.

The Dog Knits would like to raise £25,000 to run the scheme for another year to help animals like Simon an elderly male black and white cat who weighed just 2kgs when he was first rescued, and Jagger, a two-year-old doberman who will need support the rest of his life as he suffers from a disease that affects his ability to control the movement of his legs

Moved by the plight of all the animals that the scheme helps, the aptly named Dog Knits Yarn Bombers pulled out their knitting needles and got straight to work in creating the amazing array of post box toppers which were revealed on the morning of Monday 26 November, after being secretly placed there overnight.

Tina Bishop, spokesperson for the Dog Knits Yarn Bombers, and a member of the Friends of RSPCA Southridge, said: “Dog Knits is a group of volunteers with a passion for knitting who have come together to create wonderful knitted characters, Christmas and animal scenes that are located on a number of Royal Mail post boxes for people to enjoy and to help raise awareness for the RSPCA. We’ve even got Danish toppers! We would also like to say a very special thank you to the Secret Society of Hertford Crafters for all of their help in the early stages of this project.

“At any one time RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre can be caring for over 250 animals, so you can imagine the amount of time, effort and expense involved.

“Young, problem-free animals always find homes very quickly – it’s the older, animals and those with emotional baggage or ongoing veterinary conditions which take longer to rehome. This is why we are fundraising for the Friends of Southridge pensioners scheme. There are over fifty such animals on this wonderful scheme and it is imperative that funding continues.

“We hope that the people who enjoy finding and looking at our knitting toppers will also take the time to find out more about the wonderful work of the RSPCA Southridge and also help to spread the word to their friends and families about all the animals at the centre who are still looking for new homes. We would also love to hear from anyone interested in taking on an animal on the pensioner’s scheme.

“Anyone wanting to make a donation can do so by taking a look at the tag which is on each of the yarn-bombed post boxes. We even have some fun competitions where people can win a prize by taking a selfie of themselves with certain toppers that they find.”

Southridge manager Anna White added: “We are so grateful to the Dog Knits Yarn Bombers for all their work in creating these wonderful toppers – they are splendid  and I am sure the local residents are going to really enjoy seeing them. The great thing is as well as bringing the community together through this wonderful project, they are also raising much needed vital funds for animals in our care. We hope that this event will also highlight the work of RSPCA Southridge and maybe help to find new homes for the animals in our care. And anyone wanting to find out more about offering a home to one of the animals on this pensioners scheme can contact the centre by calling 0300 123 0704.”

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