Staff will be on hand to offer advice on the daily health and social needs of pets

The RSPCA is opening a pet wellness centre at its Enfield Cattery offering free advice on pet care to local residents.


Final year vet students from the Royal Veterinary College will offer 30-minute slots every Wednesday to people wanting to know more about how to give their pets the best life possible, particularly during the cold winter months.

They will be joined by one of the experienced RVC vets. This is not a veterinary clinic,  but pet owners who have not signed up with a vet yet will be given details of local veterinary facilities including subsidised clinics for those on low incomes.

We are particularly keen to see rabbits that live in hutches outdoors, as the winter can pose particular challenges to them, especially if they are alone rather than in pairs.

We know rabbits are difficult pets to care for and it is easy to miss signs of ill health, injury and poor dental health.

Bring your rabbit along for a wellness check and our RVC team will advise you on its daily health and social needs. We will not judge you but will help you to find the right diet, housing and vet care.

All attendees will be given a warm welcome and a free goody bag for their pet.

So whether you are feeding a stray cat or worrying about your cat, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig or other small furry, give us a call and make an appointment for a Wednesday slot.

Unfortunately we cannot see dogs at the cattery (they might scare the cats) but we can give you advice on how to care for your dog.

Call or text Christine on 07557 118 484 for an appointment for your pet on Wednesdays from 10am to 4pm.