Jessie has found her forever home with Norfolk family


Jessie, a three-year-old shih tzu, was found scared and alone in a greenhouse in Norfolk in the summer.

Her coat was badly matted and she was covered in dirt, bedraggled and skinny and it was clear that she had already given birth a number of times during her short life.

She was not microchipped and was collected by the dog warden and later transferred to the care of the RSPCA West Norfolk Branch, which runs the Eau Brink Rehoming Centre who took her in and nursed her back to full health and taught her to trust again.

After weeks of working with Jessie to build her confidence, the branch felt she was ready to find her forever home and that was with Janet Loveland of Snettisham, Norfolk, who spotted her on the RSPCA website and immediately fell in love.

Speaking about Jessie during the early days, RSPCA West Norfolk branch manager Penny Skates said that the little dog was so traumatised she was too scared to move.

Penny said: “Poor Jessie, I remember picking her up from the vets and she would not move at all and I wrapped her in a towel to make her feel safe.

“She really was in a terrible state when she was found. She had an infection, she was skinny and very dehydrated and was matted and covered in filth. It was also clear that she must have only recently had some pups.

“Even when we took her back to the centre she would just stay huddled in her bed, she was just so frightened and wouldn’t even look at us.

“But over the weeks we managed to gain her trust and win her over and she started to become more confident in herself. It was a very gradual process but so heartwarming to see her change.

“I remember seeing her going out with our dog walker one day and she just looked so proud, it was like she was saying ‘goodbye old life, this is the new me’.

“Jessie (above -picture before)  is one of those real rescue dogs, who not only have the physical signs but also the vulnerable personality of a dog who has been through so much. I am just so happy that she has found such a lovely new home with Janet and her other rescue dog Esme.”

Janet said: “I’m always looking at the RSPCA website and one day little Jessie came up and I knew I just had to help her. She looked like she needed a big cuddle.

“I called the branch and arranged to see Jessie as soon as I could and took my dog Esme as well to see if they would get on.

“Even though she had been been putting on weight while at the centre she was still so tiny and you could still feel her little bones. I knew that I had to take her home.

“It’s clear that she’s not really ever been a house dog or probably never been in a house, but she is certainly making herself at home now she has been here for over a month and she follows me everywhere.

“Having a rescue dog is so special. They just always seem to appreciate everything they have and you can just see they are grateful for their new life.

“We love having Jessie as part of our family and we are so glad that we were able to give her a forever home which she clearly deserved.”

If you would like to help the branch to rehabilitate more dogs like Jessie please visit their website to make a donation or to find out more about the other animals currently in their care.