Swan - fishing litter iA Swansea-based swan had a lucky escape after being freed from dangerous fishing litter by RSPCA officers.

The animal welfare charity was alerted after the swan was spotted with a fishing hook stuck through his beak in ponds at the Swansea Enterprise Park, known locally as the half-round ponds, near the Wyevale.

A kind-hearted member of the public had spotted the bird’s plight – and the RSPCA removed the fishing line and rig, before releasing the swan back to the wild.

RSPCA Cymru urges the public to call their 24-hour emergency line on 0300 1234 999 if they spot a wild bird in distress – and to avoid risk of a scratch or nasty bite in attempting to handle a frightened or confused animal.

The fishing line had been preventing the swan from eating or using his beak properly. The RSPCA successfully removed the hook last Friday (26 October).

RSPCA Cymru say the incident is another reminder as to the “dangers” of fishing debris, with many birds and other wild animals not as lucky as this swan. Last week, in the Rhoose area of South Wales, a gull had to be put to sleep after wire had become tightly entangled around their feet.

Andrew Harris, RSPCA animal welfare officer, said: “We’re so grateful to the member of the public who contacted us, and helped this poor swan.

“The fishing line was stuck to the swan’s beak, and was causing problems which could have proven very serious.

“Fortunately, it has now been removed and the swan returned to the wild with no lasting damage. Fishing litter carries numerous dangers, and we continue to urge anglers to be responsible and dispose of it properly.

“Not all birds are as lucky as this swan – and hooks, weights and line contribute to countless wildlife fatalities each and every year.”

The RSPCA publishes advice to anglers about discarding fishing litter safely.

Should you wish to help RSPCA Cymru with rescues like this, you can donate online. The RSPCA is a charity and relies on public donations.