RSPCA Cymru has welcomed news that proposals by Cardiff Council to exclude dogs from marked sports pitches within the local authority area are “unlikely to proceed”.

Last month the council launched a consultation on a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for the city which included proposed new controls around dogs.

RSPCA Cymru submitted a consultation to the proposal, outlining its fears that a ban of dogs from marked sports pitches could risk demonising responsible owners and their pets.

Public affairs manager for RSPCA Cymru, Paul Smith said: “We very much welcome the news that this proposal is unlikely to go ahead. This clearly has been an emotive issue as there has been an overwhelming interest in these proposals with reportedly more than 16,000 people signing an independent petition against the moves.

“This is a major achievement that Cardiff – along with other local authorities, like Caerphilly, have listened to concerns and will be re-thinking these proposals.”

Mr Smith added that RSPCA Cymru is proud to work proactively with the local authority.

“On the whole we supported the majority of the PSPO to ensure responsible pet and non-pet owners can live harmoniously together and we are pleased to work with Cardiff Council on consultations like these,” he said.

“Responsible dog owners need to walk their dogs all year round – and we’ll keep working with the council to find a way forward. We look forward to the outcome of the consultation and recommendations for the council’s cabinet in the New Year.”

Cardiff Council has won a number of awards in recent years from the charity via its Community Animal Welfare Awards (CAWF/Pawprints) scheme.

RSPCA Cymru works extensively, and in partnership, with local government in the interests of animal welfare. Further consultation response and submissions can be found on the website.