Susan Elan Jones MP with RSPCA inspector Kia ThomasMember of Parliament Susan Elan Jones has accompanied RSPCA inspector Kia Thomas on several calls around the Clwyd South constituency.

The ride-along gave Ms Jones an opportunity to experience the day to day inspectorate work, which on this occasion included an alleged dog beating report and complaints regarding the condition of a sheep and a pony.

Susan Elan Jones MP said: “I had a great day with Kia. It’s been fascinating to see how much the RSPCA support people with animals as well as monitoring and taking action against animal cruelty. Animal welfare is a really important issue and I think the law needs to be toughened on it, but we also need to be better in terms of our awareness and reporting incidents of cruelty and neglect.”

RSPCA inspector Kia Thomas said:  “I was very pleased to have Susan Elan Jones with me for the day where I was able to demonstrate the work the RSPCA’s inspectorate do each and every day to help and protect animals across Wales.

“The RSPCA receives approximately 50,000 calls each year across Wales and in 2017 we investigated 10,176 complaints. The breadth of visits made on this particular day highlights the diversity of issues we deal with in the interests of animal welfare.”

A number of Assembly Members and Members of Parliament across Wales have spent days out with local RSPCA inspectors, gaining valuable insight into the work the Society does to uphold and improve standards of animal welfare.