Trio returning home after party spot stray ferret and launch bid to save her

Three RSPCA officers returning from a party leapt into action when they spotted a stray ferret scampering along a busy London street.

Inspector Emma Dingley and animal collection officers Jessica Pierce and Emma Dwan were on their way home on Sunday morning (16 September), following a party the night before, when they spotted the lost mammal running along Camden Street in Camden.

Inspector Dingley said: “We’d travelled down from Greater Manchester and Cheshire to join our colleagues for a party on Saturday night which was thrown by TV production company Middlechild to celebrate the end of filming our new series of The Dog Rescuers.

“We had a wonderful night out and were heading home the following morning when we spotted the little lost ferret.

“She was close to the busy roads and looked very distressed so we stopped the car and went on a mission to find her!”

Luckily, the officers tracked her down in a narrow alleyway and were able to capture her before taking her to a nearby vet.

“She was very friendly but wasn’t microchipped so it’s not clear where she’d come from,” Inspector Dingley added.

“I really hope she makes it home soon.

“It’s a good job we spotted her otherwise she may well have been injured or killed on the busy road. I guess we’re never off-duty!”

The female, sable/chocolate-coloured ferret is now being cared for by staff at the Royal Veterinary College’s Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital.

The RSPCA urges all pet owners to get their pets microchipped so they can easily be reunited if they go missing.

See the RSPCA website for more information about caring for a ferret.