When they came into RSPCA care – they were shy, timid and very skinny dogs.

But now Monty and Molly – mother and son crossbreeds – have transformed into two loving, energetic dogs with glossy coats and are now a healthy weight.

Monty and MollyWhen they came into RSPCA Cymru care they were very thin and in need of high nutritional food and veterinary treatment.

RSPCA inspector Gemma Black said: “Sadly their owners were struggling to care for them and signed Monty and Molly over to us straight away so they could be given the care and attention they needed.

“Monty and Molly are beautiful dogs, they were so timid on the day that I had them signed over, but clearly craving love as were cuddled into me as soon as I was near them.

“At our Merthyr Tydfil veterinary clinic, they were given routine vaccinations and Monty needed some dental treatment.They were then transferred to RSPCA Newport Animal Centre.

“They really are a gorgeous pair, I am so pleased to see how well they were doing. They have an amazing bond and really hope they can find a home together.”

Deputy centre manager Kath Logan said Monty and Molly are such loving dogs.

“They both have such playful personalities and we can’t wait to see them go off to their forever home,” she said.

“Since being with us they have both started to gradually gain weight on a special diet and are now loving, energetic dogs with glossy coats and improved weight. They have been receiving veterinary care and having regular check ups to monitor their progress.

20180816_183740“The vet has said they are ready to find a loving home whilst they continue to gradually gain weight, their fur is growing back and is now glossy, they now have plenty of energy for playtime fun.”

Molly – who is aged six – and Monty, aged four, were very nervous when they first came into RSPCA care but now have come out of their shells.

Kath said: “The centre staff have spent lots of time building up their trust in people as they were very nervous initially but they have now blossomed and their true characters definitely shine through.

“Monty’s favourite pastime is playing fetch down our paddock play area, where Molly will have a run around then flop at your feet for tummy tickles. They are gentle natured and the most affectionate pair. You can easily walk Monty and Molly together, they are well behaved and walk well on a lead.”

Monty and Molly will need to be rehomed together as a pair as they are best friends and would love a home together where their many years of friendship can continue.

They could live with older children and possibly a confident cat who is used to dogs. They both thrive on fuss and attention and love spending time with their human companions so would like their family to be home most of the day so they can enjoy their company.

If you’d like to arrange to meet Monty and Molly please contact the centre on 0300 123 0744, via email on newport@rspca.org.uk, or in person. The centre is open six days a week, between 11.30am and 4pm, and is closed on Thursday.