Oscar Hedge iA feral kitten saved from a hedge at the 2017 Royal Welsh Show is doing “really well” – as his new owner returned to the site of the unique rescue one year on.

The male kitten, aged only weeks old, grabbed many headlines at the 2017 Royal Welsh Agricultural Show, after being rescued by RSPCA officers Phil Lewis and Warwick Burgess.

Fortunately, the kitten was given a clean bill of health by a local Builth Wells veterinary practice, and RSPCA staff were able to immediately find the feline a new home – with a car park officer adding the lucky cat to his family.

Ben Gray – a County Councillor in the Plymouth ward on Vale of Glamorgan Council – supervises a public park and ride at the Showground, and met up with RSPCA staff at the 2018 show, twelve months from adopting the kitten.

The kitten was affectionately nicknamed ‘Hedge’ after the rescue, and now goes by the title ‘Oscar Hedge’.

Ben Gray reminisced about the rescue, saying: “I was supervising North 17 car park and suddenly all my staff are chasing around a little animal on the floor. It turned out to be a kitten. We managed to keep him in one place in a hedge – and the RSPCA came out and rescued him. It was a great job.

“He’s doing really well. We already have a cat in the house, Rolo, who has accepted Oscar Hedge into the family. He’s definitely settled into home life.

“It was lovely to be back and remember where we got Oscar from. It’s a more lonely trip home for me this time – as twelve months ago I was taking him back to the Vale of Glamorgan in the car!

“Thankfully, Oscar Hedge had no time to wait to find a new home – but there’s lots of animals who need adopting, and our older cat is a rescue cat too. We know not all animals are as lucky – and we hope his story acts as a reminder as to how important it is to adopt rescue animals.”

Phil Lewis, RSPCA inspector, added: “It was fantastic to see Oscar Hedge’s new owner again – twelve months on from a pretty unique rescue at the previous Royal Welsh Agricultural Show. We’re so pleased he settled into his new home – with his adopted brother Rolo – so well.

“RSPCA officers love nothing more than hearing about happy endings. In 2017, we rescued – on average – 23 animals each and every day in Wales; and Oscar Hedge’s story is a lovely reminder of why we do the job.”

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